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Vion Mini-Morin 2000 Hand-bearing Compass
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Vion Mini-Morin 2000 Hand-bearing Compass

Item # 051021
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Item Description
This easy-to-read prism compass is no bigger than a hockey puck! Just hold it up to your eye and aim - the card image is magnified 10 times for a reading accuracy of 1 degree and the bearing line will remain perfectly in focus, no matter how far you aim.

Reads a true bearing even when the leading mark is positioned to the left or right of the lens. Precise enough for critical close-quarter navigation in races or for cross bearings. Easy to read with or without eyeglasses. Gray ruVion Mini-Morin 2000 Hand-bearing Compassbber-armored construction for shock-absorbency and a comfortable grip. Well dampened for accuracy even in bad weather. Includes nylon lanyard. Phosphorescent lighting requires no batteries, but must be exposed to direct light to charge. 3-3/16" diameter, 1-1/8" thick.