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TREADMASTER Marine Diamond Pattern Traction Pads

  • The Treadmaster Original range has been the benchmark for anti-slip deck coverings for over thirty years.
  • Treadmaster Original does not affect the performance or stability of the craft.
  • Treadmaster is also ideal for anywhere requiring an easy to fit anti-slip covering.
  • Diamond pattern (DP) provide the best level of anti-slip performance and are suitable for all applications right up to the most testing of environments.
  • Colours that make them look right at home in almost any situation.
  • Easy to trim using a craft knife or sharp scissors.
  • Treadmaster Original range this encompasses our traditional Diamond and Smooth Pattern anti-slip materials which are much the same as the original products launched over 40 years ago.
  • Treadmaster Original is unaffected by exposure to sea water.
  • Its specially designed nitrile rubber/PVC formulation resists the chemical effects of oil, fuel and other commonly used substances*
  • *Spillages should be cleaned up promptly to avoid surface staining.
  • Treadmaster Marine Grip Pads -White Sand
    Treadmaster Marine Grip Pads -Blue
    Treadmaster Marine Grip Pads -Light Blue
    Treadmaster Marine Grip Pads -Light Grey
    As low as: $19.95
    As low as: $19.95
    As low as: $19.95
    As low as: $19.95