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Trident Marine Hose

Marine hose is a vital part of your boat. Itís used in lieu of pipe because itís flexible and it provides better and easier installations, especially where tight spaces, movement and vibration are a factor (typical in most boats). As plumbing they deliver, circulate and discharge the fluids (liquid and gaseous) for most operating systems (engine, generator, exhaust, bilge, drainage, live well, sanitation, potable and grey water, ventilation, gas appliance, climate control, etc.) and theyíre often connected as an extension of a hole in your boat (above and below the water line). A Marine Hose failure (bursting, leakage, obstruction, permeation) can ruin your day or worse (explosion, fire, sinking, carbon monoxide poisoning, breakdown [boat and/or system], noxious odors, costly repair and cleanup). Therefore, Marine Hose must be specially designed (with proper formulations and flexible heavy wall construction) to provide the best possible, long term performance and resistance to its fluids and aging in a tough environment (vibration and movement, heat and cold, ozone, salt air & water).


Trident Bilgeflex Hoses Mfg# 121-120
Trident Wire Harness Conduit -Black Mfg# 128
Trident Vac X.H.D Sanitation Hoses -White Mfg# 148
Trident Vac X.H.D Bilge & Livewell Striped Hoses Mfg#147
As low as: $0.95
As low as: $0.59
As low as: $2.79
As low as: $2.98
Trident Vac HD Bilge & Livewell Hoses #144
Trident Clear PVC Tubing -FDA #150
Trident Reinforced PVC Hoses -FDA Blue/Red Tracer #162
Trident Ply Marine Wet Exhaust Hoses -SOFTWALL Mfg# 200
As low as: $2.95
As low as: $0.89
As low as: $1.24
As low as: $4.95
Trident Flex Marine Wet Exhaust Hoses -HARDWALL Mfg# 250
Trident Silicone Marine Wet Exhaust & Water Hoses -Blue Mfg# 202V
Trident Corrugated Marine Wet Exhaust Hoses -HARDWALL Mfg# 252
Trident Blue Corra-Sil Marine Wet Exhaust Hoses Mfg# 252V
As low as: $7.95
As low as: $28.95
As low as: $16.95
As low as: $36.95
Trident Polyduct HVAC Blower Hoses -Blue Mfg# 481
Trident PVC Vent Duct Hoses Mfg# 400/402
Trident Low Permeation Type B1-15 O/B Marine Fuel Hoses "A2" Mfg# 305
SAE J1527 (1-93) USCG & ISO 7840 Type A2-CE Fuel Hose Mfg# 327
As low as: $5.55
As low as: $0.89
As low as: $1.39
As low as: $9.95
T-H Marine Flange for 2" witout Hose. Blk/Wht/Chr
Trident HD Reinforced PVC Hoses -FDA Mfg# 161
T & H Marine Rigging Hose -White 2" (BY THE FOOT) Mfg# RFH-2-DP
T & H Marine Rigging Hose- Black 2" (BY THE FOOT) Mfg#RFH-1
As low as: $13.99
As low as: $4.95
Our Price: $3.99
Our Price: $3.99
Raritan SANI-FLEX Odor Shield Hose 1-1/2"
Our Price: $13.95