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Sudbury Elastomeric Sealant in (3oz or 10oz) Blk/Wht/Clear
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Sudbury Elastomeric Sealant in (3oz or 10oz) Blk/Wht/Clear

Elastomeric Sealant White 3OZ.468016$5.95
Elastomeric Sealant White 10OZ.468010$10.95
Elastomeric Sealant Clear 3OZ.468018$5.95
Elastomeric Sealant Clear 10OZ.468012$10.95
Elastomeric Sealant Black 3OZ.468020$5.95
Elastomeric Sealant Black 10OZ.468014$10.95
Item Description
Elastomeric Marine Sealant
  • A one-part, fast skinning (10 minutes) and fast curing (24 hours) multi-purpose marine grade sealant with superior strength, adhesion, elongation and life characteristics.
  • Cures in temperatures of -20F (-28.9C) to 120F (-48.9C) and can be wet sanded and painted after curing.
  • Flexibility and compression capabilities are excellent.
  • Heavy duty use above or below the waterline.
  • Twists, bends, expands, compresses. Seals ports, beds hardware, stops leaks.
  • Resistant to teak cleaners, oil, diesel fuel and salt water.
  • Adheres tenaciously without primers to fiberglass, glass, plastic, metal and wood.
  • Simple clean up with mineral spirits.
  • Not recommended for wooden deck seams or use in areas subject to gasoline.