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Seacock Helper
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Seacock Helper

Seacock Helper JR 7/8"045115$14.95
Seacock Helper SR 1-3/16"045116$15.95
Item Description
The Sea Cock and ball Valve "Helper" is Purpose Built and designed to assist you in opening and closing your sea cocks and through hulls. As part of your normal maintenance program you should exercise all sea cocks and through hulls at least monthly. Through Hull Sea Cocks and ball valves are often in hard to access spaces. Usually they are located in the lower part of the bilge and frequently have interference with stringers or hoses. It's often difficult to get a good grip on the handle and have the required purchase or leverage to easily open or close the valve. The ability to fit the "Helper" on the valve handle either vertically or horizontally mitigates these challanges.

Sea Cock and Ball Valve "Helper" features:
  • Strong, Schedule 80 non corrosive tubing.
  • Comfortable, Cushioned, non-slip grip.
  • Reflective "beacon" to quickly find the Sea Cock in low light situations.
  • Re-usable twist tie to keep the "Helper" in place in the event of a blown hose or fitting.
  • Best practices suggest that a "Helper" be prepositioned on all of your valve handles. In the event of a blown hose or fitting the "Helper" will be right there where you need it.
  • Machined slots for articulated movement and maximum leverage.

    -The "Senior" fits most Sea Cock and Ball Valve Handles with a width of up to: 1 3/16" (30mm)
    -The "Junior" fits most Sea Cock and Ball Valve Handles with a width of up to: 7/8" (22mm)