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Salt-Away Concentrate Quart Refill SA32
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Salt-Away Concentrate Quart Refill SA32

Item # 287000
Our Price: $18.79
Item Description
  • Salt-Away was specifically designed to externally remove salt just by spraying on.
  • Using Salt-Away’s Combo Kit is the easiest way to remove salt from large areas since the unique Mixing Unit (dispenser) is included in the kit.
  • No scrubbing or using brushes are required.
  • Since salt crystals act as miniature magnifying glasses, the UV rays of the sun etch into the surface of your boat. Keep your boat looking new by using Salt-Away to remove these crystals.

Engine Flush
  • Regular flushing with Salt-Away prevents salt deposits from forming in your engines cooling passages.
  • Extends the life of your engine.

Diving Gear Rinse
  • Great on underwater cameras.
  • Safe to use on regulators as it is non-toxic.