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Reverso Oil Change Pump OP-7-12V & OP-7-24V

Reverso Oil Change Pump OP-7-12V132016$269.95
Reverso Oil Change Pump OP-7-24V132010$269.95
Item Description
The OP-7 is a self-priming impeller pump for diesel or oil transfer. The pump is ideal for completing oil changes on generators and boat engines. Flow direction is reversible with the integrated switch to quickly drain old oil and fill new oil.

  • Mfg# OP-7-12V & OP-7-24V
  • Comes with Impeller 360010
  • Ideal for diesel, oil, or water
  • Reversible: Transfers hot or cold oil quickly and
  • cleanly to and from the oil pan
  • 3-Position switch (On-Off-On)
  • Safety lock prevents accidental activation
  • Easy operation: Flow is in direction of switch