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Play Action Extreme Snap-On Rod Belt Large B800L

Item # 116100
Our Price: $150.95
Item Description

  • Spring the arms open and snap the belt in place around the hips.

  • Made of high-grade plastic with excellent memory.

  • Closed cell comfort pad with outdoor fabric makes a comfortable belt that will not slip.

  • Pin in the rotating ball can be used in either the vertical or horizontal position.

  • Fits gimbaled rod butts to 1.25" in diameter and non-gimbaled rods to 1.5" in diameter.

  • Excellent for use with a shoulder harness.

  • Gimbal rotates 90 vertically and horizontally.

  • Recommended line class is 50-80 lbs.

  • Recommended Hip Sizes:

  • Small 74cm to 91cm (29" TO 36")

  • Medium 91cm to 109cm (36" to 43")

  • Large 109cm to 122cm (43" to 48")

  • X-Large 122cm and Up (48" to UP)