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P-Line Glow Bead Round 8mm (36-Pack)

Item # 221052
Our Price: $1.95
Item Description
  • With a through-hole design, slides on line and leaders for attracting walleyes, trout, salmon and more. Slide over hook eye to protect knots. Phosphor-charged, they're also a natural for using with saltwater Sabiki rigs.

  • These are great to put between your swivel, sinker, & pole float.
  • Rigged between the sinker and hook, it makes a great knot protector Add the Target Bead to your rigs for better visibility in darker waters
  • Use as a bait stop, to prevent double hooking of live or dead baits
  • Rig the Soft Bead before tying on your Sabiki rig. It protects your rod top