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Pakula Leather Heavy Tackle Leader Glove's
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Pakula Leather Heavy Tackle Leader Glove's

Leather Heavy Tackle Leader Glove (Large) -Mfg#PLGL992202$69.95
Item Description
  • Hi density soft leather padding on the palms helps distribute the load of the leader over a greater area and lessens the effect of hands getting squeezed.
  • The padding on the back has embossed grooves to help keep wraps in place.
  • The hi density leather padding is cut to extend along the index and small finger to eliminate the leader catching on seams to lessen the change of line and leaders hanging up on the gloves and to protect the fingers from leaders whipping when under great load. The padding extends to the wrist for added protection.
  • Palms are tough abrasion resistant Hi density but very soft cow hide which are much tougher than pig skin that is commonly used. By using hi density hide we are able to make the base glove thinner offering greater feel and dexterity.
  • The backs and sides of the fingers have drain holes to aid breathing for comfort and fast drying.
  • Added padding on the inside of the thumb so that leaders don't get caught on seams and to add strength to that area.
  • Elasticated cuffs for added comfort and compensate for various sized wrists.
  • Size label on the tabs so that you can find a matching pair of gloves easily and over sized Velcro tabs to keep the end of the flap tight so that it doesn't get caught in the leader. The position of the tabs is unique to minimise chances of the leader getting caught.