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Sund 811 Waterproof Fleece Waistpant 3XLarge-Navy

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Item Description
  • Fabric: New fabric technology has made this garment possible. Comfortably dry and warm will never be the same again. The Fabric is a laminated combination of 100% stretchy, waterproof polyurethane and a knitted polyester fleece. This is the ultimate fleece pullover for those who are out in the weather. The polyurethane outside resists dirt, oil and other stains while staying soft, flexible and waterproof. The polyester fleece lining moves moisture away from th body, staying warm and comfortable, even if wet.

  • Applications: Hunting, Fishing, Sailing, Outdoor Construction, Paddle Sports, Snow Sports.

  • Features: Single back pocket, strong elastic belt runs through web belt loops, velcro ankle closures.