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DMT 12" Diamond Steel Sharpener Fine
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DMT 12" Diamond Steel Sharpener Fine

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Diamond Machining Technology’s, DMT®, 12” Diamond Steel™ Sharpener can ensure all your knives, including cleaver, butcher, steak, filet, chef and even bread knives are sharp and ready to perform in the kitchen and on your table. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to cut through home baked bread, a stuffed turkey or honey roasted ham with a dull blade. Dull blades not only make preparation difficult, the sawing action they require to be effective can be a safety hazard in your kitchen and for your guests. DMT®’s 12” Diamond Steel sharpener can keep your cutlery investments performing like new!

“DMT®’s 12” Diamond Steel can extend the life of any cutlery set and enhance a kitchen’s overall production,” said Mark Brandon, President of Diamond Machining Technology. “Users can spend less time in preparation and more time eating this holiday season! Capable of being used on any steel knife, the Diamond Steel has a fast honing diamond surface that makes sharpening easy.”

The 12” Diamond Steel offers a realigning function and the convenience of traditional butcher’s steel. It is a diamond sharpening rod with a sanitary black plastic handle and large guard, featuring a color-coded ring for easy grit designation and hang-up. It features an extra fine diamond grit and fine diamond grit to polish and refine any edge. No oil is needed – the user can sharpen dry or with water – and its durable construction will provide years of consistent performance and reliable service.