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Blue Sea Battery Chargers

Blue Sea P12 25A 12V Charger mfg#7531476129$769.95
Blue Sea P12 40A 12V Charger mfg#7532476133$969.95
This item is currently Out Of Stock
This item is currently Out Of Stock
Item Description
The Blue Sea Systems 25A and 40A P12 Battery Charger is a four stage, three output dry mount device designed for use in harsh environments where reliability, ease of use, and high performance are of primary importance. To this end, the P12 is assembled and tested in Bellingham, Washington, USA. Critical components, including all electronic circuitry, are of U.S. manufacture.

Advanced Multi-Stage Charging

The P12 is designed to charge three electrically independent batteries or battery banks. The P12 has the unique capability to individually move each battery out of the Absorption charging stage. This ensures batteries near their full charge do not continue to receive high constant voltages necessary in the Absorption stage. This is optimal treatment for long battery life. Charge Coordination integrates with the Blue Sea Systems family of Automatic Charging Relays (ACR) to force separation of the battery banks while the P12 is operational, to allow the batteries to individually exit the Absorption stage. After fourteen days of continuous Float, the charger will repeat the normal charge cycle to assure good battery health.

Ease of Use

Large plain-language full graphic control screen capable of displaying French, English, Italian, German and Spanish. The plain language display enables clear communication with the operator for setting precise charging parameters and providing a range of easily understood fault communications and operating history. An optional Remote Display brings much of this functionality to a secondary location away from the charger.

The P12 contains charge profiles for most batteries available today, including Flooded Lead Acid (FLA), Gel, Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL), and Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM). In addition, a user configurable charge profile is available for other battery types.