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AwlGrip Washdown Concentrate (Gallon)

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Item Description
"Awlwash" Wash-Down Concentrate

Awlgrip has introduced this product to help maintain the mirror-like luster of Awlgrip, Alwcraft 2000, or Awlgrip 2 topcoats. With regular cleaning, "Awlwash" will help avoid the build-up of dirt and grease which can cause the finish to appear dull.

Formulated to clean Awlgrip topcoats, "Awlwash" does not contain alkalies, acids or abrasives, unlike other "marine soap" products that are not suitable for use on painted surfaces. It is also the recommended cleaning treatment prior to use of Awlgrip's Awlcare Protective Polymer Sealer.

Features: Does not contain alkalies, acids, or abrasives Free rinsing which decreases drying time 100% biodegradable Concentrated formula mixes 1 ounce to 1 gallon water

"Awlwash" has been extensively tested in Awlgrip laboratories and in the harsh marine environment. All tests conclude that this product is what customers have requested for years - an effective detergent for cleaning yet still gentle for frequent use on Awlgrip, Awlgrip 2, and Alwcraft 2000.