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AwlGrip Topcoat Snow White <b>(Gallon) -MFG#G8044G</b>
AwlGrip Topcoat Snow White <b>(Gallon) -MFG#G8044G</b>
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AwlGrip Topcoat Snow White <b>(Gallon) -MFG#G8044G</b>AwlGrip Topcoat Snow White <b>(Gallon) -MFG#G8044G</b>

AwlGrip Topcoat Snow White (Gallon) -MFG#G8044G

Item # AWL80440
Our Price: $189.95
Item Description
AwlGrip Topcoat Snow White -MFG#G8044

  • Awlgrip urethane paints yield durable high gloss finishes to wood, fiberglass, aluminum, or steel, and may be applied with a paint roller, brush or spray gun.
  • Awlgrip finishes are renowned for their superior resistance to sun, saltwater, chemicals, and abrasion, and are ideal for coating everything from boat topsides, cabin tops, decks and masts, to engines.
  • Mixing and Reduction
  • Spray: Mix by volume one part AWLGRIP Topcoat Base Component (Color) with one part AWL-CAT #2 G3010 spray converterto a a smooth homogenous mixture. Reduce up to 25% with the spray reducer(s) appropriate for conditions. Overall mixture is 1:1:1/2 volume. Example: 8oz Base, 8oz G3010, 4oz Reducer. 25% reduction is a standard mix. Clear coats. metallic colors, and painting in high temperature conditions may require additional reduction. 40% reduction is the maximum recommendation.

  • Brush/Roller: Mix by volume two parts AWLGRIP Topcoat Base Component with one part AWL-CAT #3/H3002 Brushing Converter until one smooth, homogenous mixture is obtained. Reduce 25% to 33% with T0031. Overall mix is 2:1:3/4-1 by volume. Example: 8 oz. color base component, 4 oz. H3002, 3-4 oz. T0031.
  • Choose a Converter: G3010 - Awl Cat #2 Spray Converter H3002 - Awl Cat #3 Brushing Converter

  • Choose a Reducer: T0003 - Standard Reducer-Spray T0001 - Fast Evaporating Reducer-Spray T0002 - Very Fast Evaporating Reducer-Spray T0005 - Hot Weather Reducer-Spray T0031 - Brush/Roller Reducer

  • Optional: 73014 - PRO-CURE Accelerator X-98 73015 - PRO-CURE Accelerator X-138 73012 - GRIPTEX Non-Skid Particles-Fine 73013 - GRIPTEX Non-Skid Particles-Coarse G3013 - Flattening Agent M1017 - CRATER-X M3048 - SPATTER IT Texture Additive T0001, T0002, T0003, or M.E.K. for Equipment Cleaning
  • Spray Application: 530 Sq. Feet at 1 mil (25 microns) dry film thickness; 210 SQ. Feet at recommended dry film thickness.
  • Recommended Wet Film Thickness: 6-9 mils (150-225 Microns), Total of 2-3 Coats.
  • Recommended Dry Film Thickness: 2-3 mils (50-75 Microns), Total of 2-3 Coats.