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#8 High Speed Planer - MFG#HS8
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#8 High Speed Planer - MFG#HS8

Item # SSTHS8
Our Price: $24.95
Item Description
Sea Striker planers take your lure down deep without heavy sinkers. While in trolling position, the planer runs at a 45 degree angle. When a fish is hooked, it returns to the surface. Features a rugged stainless steel blade. This braced planer has a stainless steel brace running across the bottom, tying the planer wire and blade together. This keeps the planer in tune and running straight. The high speed planer is specifically desinged to run at higher speeds: 12-14 knots. For instructions, download our "How To" files at the bottom of this page. Approximate achievable depth is 10-40 feet.